The Law Offices of C.R. Hyde, PLC.

The Law Offices of C.R. Hyde, PLC is a law office dedicated to representing individuals and corporate entities in bankruptcy matters. I have practiced as a bankruptcy attorney for over seven years. Call my office for your free initial consultation and learn what bankruptcy can do for you, your family and your future. It is likely that if you are visiting this website that it is the solution to the financial stresses that have dominated your life. Take the time to visit my office so that you can get started on a fresh financial start.
I take as much pride in the level of my competence as a bankruptcy attorney as I do with the level of communication that I have with my bankruptcy clients. You deserve both expertise and prompt attention to your bankruptcy questions and needs throughout your case. You will find both at The Law Offices of C.R. Hyde.
If any of the following events would be a welcome occurrence for your and your family,
please call my office:

-Bankruptcy petitions stop foreclosure and trustee sales on the currently scheduled
 sale date. Bankruptcy may also afford you the opportunity to keep your home,
 regardless of how far in arrears you may find yourself.
-Bankruptcy Petitions will end wage and bank garnishments immediately upon
 filing your case.
-Completed chapter 13 bankruptcies may allow you to remove secondary and
 tertiary mortgage liens on your principal residence. Chapter 13 can also address delinquent
 property taxes in a financially manageable way.
-Completed chapter 13 bankruptcies may allow you to reduce the principalbalance
 owing on your vehicle.Chapter 13 bankruptcies may also entitle you to a reduced
 interest rate on your vehicle.
-Enjoy the silence of creditor phone calls stopping almost immediately
 upon your bankruptcy filing.
-Free up your time by hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney to deal with your
 creditors in the controlled and non-harassing setting of the bankruptcy court.
The Law Offices of C.R. Hyde is a qualifying debt relief agency.

The Law Offices of C.R. Hyde, PLC is a Qualified Federal Debt Relief Agency